Divatkreátor 2 (Fashion Creator 2)

Anna made it to the TV finals of the talent show Divatkreator 2 (Fashion Creator 2), which is broadcasted weekly on the Hungarian commercial channel TV2. You can follow Anna's performance in the show under the Divatkreator tab.

  7th Episode - 19.05.2011.

Click here for inspirational materials and drafts.

6th Episode - 12.05.2011.

5th Episode - 05.05.2011.

This time the talents were given the task to design a dress to a Swatch watch of their own choice. Anna opted for an elegant product and created her composition - a formal business wear - in harmony with ta. The inspirational materials and the drafts are available here.

4th Episode - 28.04.2011.

This week the young designers had to create a dress for Mariann Falusi, a Hungarian pop music celebrity from the 1990s. She will be wearing the dress in another TV show. Anna's piece was selected as one of the best three creations, but unfortunately didn't get chosen to be the ONE. Some sketches and drafts are available here.

3rd Episode - 21.04.2011.

The key theme of the week was Budapest. When producing their pieces, the talents had to seek inspiration from the Hungarian capital. Anna's composition revolved around some unique elements of Budapest's public transportation and urban tourism. A peculiar accessory was a creatively designed handbag which, when unfolded, shows the map of downtown Budapest. The shape of Anna's garment were reminiscent of traditional styles of the Far East. With this, the designer intended to symbolize the high popularity of Budapest among tourists from the furthermost parts of Asia. When arranging an ad hoc exhibition of all the designed clothes in the largest shopping mall of the city, Anna's dress was the one drawing the greatest attention. It was also liked for being provocative and clear-cut in terms of conveying the message and "telling the story" about the designers intention. Inspirational materials and drafts are available here.

2nd Episode - 14.04.2011.

Click here for inspirational materials and drafts.

1st Episode - 07.04.2011.

The candidates had to design an outfit for the host of the show, Zita Gorog (model, actress, Hungarian celebrity). The main objective for Anna was to create a unique and extravagant piece of garment which is clearly not available in high street fashion… See inspirational materials and sketches here.